“When we learned of Blue Bite’s authentication service we immediately jumped at the opportunity to implement this simple yet sophisticated and highly secure solution. In fact, we built an authentication app on top of Blue Bite’s solution to ID and authenticate the sneakers at our conferences. Ensuring that the sneakers are authentic is imperative to our business,” said Alan Vinogradov, Founder of Sneaker Con.

Blue Bite also empowers customers with the ability to authenticate products before they buy, ensuring the product is genuine. Blue Bite makes this possible through its web-based authentication experiences (which work across any NFC-enabled smartphones), and enables an even higher degree of security through its mobile app, Decode (currently available for iOS). Once installed, customers can simply tap an enabled product to both authenticate, and gain access to exclusive content.

Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite CEO explains, “We realized that both brands and consumers have a role in fighting counterfeits, so we built an authentication service that is not only affordable but easily accessible and scalable, bringing product-authentication technology to everyone.”

Because a user needs to have a product in-hand to interact with it, brands can be confident that those authenticating their products are in-fact real users with physical items. As a result, valuable content can also be securely embedded into the experience of owning a physical product. This item-exclusive content can include: access to events, entertainment media, early access to buy limited edition items, user feedback forms, and more. These kinds of experiences open up a world of possibilities for brands and their customers.

Blue Bite is launching its authentication suite with a number of brands including: PINKO, Sneaker Con, Mr & Mrs. Italy, as well as an Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand, in collaboration with strategic partners Temera and Visionary Technologies. By implementing this authentication suite within their products, these brands are able to uphold brand integrity and ensure customer confidence in their purchase.

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