Lightshow is a rapper and the CEO of 86 America record label who hails from the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Lightshow is very familiar with the music industry and has released more than 12 full mixtapes over the past decade. He is known for his heavy-hitting bars and off-the-top freestyles. His latest album, Kalorama Heights, speaks about the under-the-rug topic, gentrification in the D.C. area and how it has evolved in his community and affected its people.

Lightshow is more than just a musical genius but, also a business pioneer. He utilizes his record label and platform to create employment opportunities, teach others the ins-and-outs of the music business and to leave a legacy for his family and community. There are many positive gains that have stemmed from his independent record label, he says, “I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living out of it. It’s different ways that we can get out of our situation and make life what we want it to be. [86 America] is about empowerment; empowering my family, my brothers and my team.”

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